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Helsinki-Vantaa Airport  in Vantaa, Finland is the main airport of the Helsinki metropolitan region and the whole of Finland. Helsinki-Vantaa Airport  is located about 15 kilometers from the Helsinki city center.

Originally built for the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki.  Helsinki-Vantaa Airport  served in 2005 11 million  passengers and is one of the major airports in the Nordic countries.

The International and Domestic terminals are 250 m apart and are linked by an internal pedestrian connection. Helsinki-Vantaa Airport  is the international and domestic hub for Finnair, the Finnish flag carrier. It is also the hub for Blue1 the Finnish regional feeder for SAS.

The Aviapolis area for international businesses is scheduled to be built in the Helsinki-Vantaa airport area. There will be a train link, Keharata, to Helsinki center.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport  was chosen the best airport in the world in the IATA 1999 survey on the topic. In 2006, global airport customer satisfaction survey AETRA ranked Helsinki-Vantaa Airport  one of the best airports worldwide and according to Association of European Airlines 2005 delay rates, Helsinki-Vantaa was the most punctual airport in Europe.

The managing body of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport  is Finavia.

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