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Palma Airport…

Palma de Mallorca Airport ( Son Sant Joan Airport) or Aeropuerto de Son Sant Joan is an airport located approximately 8 km east of Palma de Mallorca, next to the village of C’an Pastilla Also known as Palma de Mallorca Airport or Aeropuerto de Palma de Mallorca, it is the third largest airport in Spain, after Madrid Ba raj as International Airport and Barcelona International Airport. During the summer months Palma Airport is one of the busiest airports in Europe.

Palma Airport (Son Sant Joan Airport) occupies an area of 6.3 km². It has one terminal and four gate areas: Terminal A is mostly used for domestic flights, while Terminals B, C and D are for international traffic. Palma Airport handles 25 million passengers per year, with a capacity to dispatch 12,000 passengers per hour. Future plans for Palma Airport includes an increase of the passenger capacity to 32 million passengers in 2010 and to 38 million passengers in 2015.

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