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Published on : 23 November 20183 min reading time

La Guardia Airport is located on the waterfront of Flushing in the borough of Queens  in New York City . LaGuardia Airport is named after Fiorello LaGuardia a former Mayor of New York. LaGuardia Airport is operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey .

LaGuardia Airport  is the smallest of the New York area’s three primary commercial airports, the other two of which are John F. Kennedy International Airport  and Newark Liberty International Airport  . LaGuardia Airport  is popular due to its central location and proximity to  Manhattan . In spite of the airport’s small size, wide-body aircraft once visited regularly. Today, the only scheduled widebody service is one of Delta’s many Atlanta flights aboard a Boeing 767-300. The airport serves as a focus city for Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and US Airways.

Most flights from LaGuardia Airport  go to destinations within the US and Canada , with seasonal flight service to Aruba , the Bahamas  and Bermuda . Contrary to popular belief, the airport does indeed have INS/FIS facilities capable of processing customs and immigration on arriving international flights, however said facilities are insufficient to efficiently handle the number of passengers that a non-precleared scheduled airline service would require.

A perimeter rule prohibits incoming and outgoing flights that exceed 1,500 miles (2,400 km)—except on Saturdays, when the ban is lifted, and to Denver, which was grandfathered in — so most transcontinental and international flights use the area’s other two major airports, JFK and Newark.

In 2005 the airport handled 26 million passengers; JFK handled about 41 million and Newark handled about 33 million, making for a total of approximately 100 million travellers using New York ‘s airports as the city’s airspace surpassed Chicago ‘s to become the busiest in the United States .

Although LaGuardia Airport  was a very large airport for the era in which it was built, it soon became too small for the amount of air traffic it had to handle. Starting in 1968, general aviation aircraft were charged heavy fees to operate from LaGuardia during peak hours, driving many GA operators to airports such as Teterboro Airport  in Teterboro , New Jersey . In 1984, to further combat overcrowding at LaGuardia Airport , the Port Authority instituted a “perimeter rule” banning flights from LaGuardia Airport to cities more than 1,500 miles away. Later, the Port Authority also moved to connect JFK and Newark Airport to regional rail networks with the AirTrain Newark, in an attempt to make these more distant airports competitive with LaGuardia Airport .  In addition to these local regulations, the FAA also limited the number of flights and types of aircraft that could operate at LaGuardia Airport .

Despite these factors,  LaGuardia Airport ‘s traffic continued to grow. By 2000 the airport routinely experienced overcrowding-related delays, many of which were more than an hour long. That year Congress passed legislation to revoke the federal traffic limits on LaGuardia Airport  by 2007. The reduced demand for air travel following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on New York City quickly slowed LaGuardia Airport ‘s traffic growth, helping to mitigate the airport’s delays. Ongoing Port Authority investments to renovate the Central Terminal Building and improve the airfield layout have also made the airport’s operations more efficient in recent years.

Planes taking off from LaGuardia Airport often fly directly over nearby Shea Stadium, causing disruptions at New York Mets games.

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