Turkey Ankara Airport…

Esenboga International Airport is an airport  in Ankara, the capital city of  Turkey. Esenboga International Airport has been operating since 1955. It is located in the north of Ankara, 28 km from the center. Transportation to the city center is by taxi and by bus.

Esenboga International Airport is a CATII airport. Airport has a total area of 7.500.000 m². Domestic Terminal has a closed area of 7.500 m² and International Terminal has a closed area 7.950 m².

There are two 3750×60 meter 3750×45 meter paved runways. There are also 1 VIP lounge and 1 CIP lounge.

New Domestic and International Terminals are under construction. Construction started in October 2004 and expected to finish within 36 months.
New Domestic and International Terminals will have the properties as set below:

  • 168.000 m² area,
  • 10.000.000 passenger/year capacity,
  • 18 ea. passenger bridge,
  • 105 check-in counters,
  • 34 passport counters,
  • Parking Area with 123.000 m² area 4.000 vehicle capacity,