Prague Ruzyne Airport…

Ruzynì International Airport serves Prague, Czech Republic. Located 10km from the city centre, the airport is a hub for Czech Airlines.

Most flights leave Ruzynì International Airport from the North Terminal. The South Terminals handle a few irregular flights, as well as VIP Flights, special flights and small aircraft. In 2005, the airport served 10.8 million passengers.

Ruzynì International Airport contains two runways in service: 06/24 and 13/31. Former runway 04/22 is not used anymore. The most used runway is 24 due to the prevailing western winds. Runway 31 is also used often. Runway 06 is used rarely while runway 13 is used only exceptionally.

Public transport to and from Prague city center involves taking the bus number 119 to Dejvicka metro station and transferring on to the green metro line (Line A) there or express number 100 to Zlicin metro station (yellow Line B) farther from the city centre. A typical journey takes about 40 minutes. There are also other bus services that run after midnight when the metro line is not in operation.