Rome Ciampino Airport…

Ciampino Airport or Giovan Battista Pastine Airport is a joint civilian, commercial and military airport near Rome in Italy.

Ciampino Airport formerly served as a military airbase until it was opened by the Italian government to commercial air traffic with the introduction of Ryanair and Icelandair service. Ciampino Airport became a popular alternative to the heavily congested Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport.

  • COTRAL/Schiaffini  operate buses from outside the terminal building to Anagnina metro station, costing €1. A metro ticket to central Rome costs another €1.
  • There are also buses at the same price to Ciampino local train station, from where a train to Rome Termini station costs €2. Train tickets must be bought from a newsagent and stamped before boarding the train. Both bus routes operate roughly every hour or 30 minutes during the Italian work day (8-12 and 16-20), and you should count on at least 45 minutes travel time for either route. Italian trains are notoriously late, and the metro can get very crowded.
  • Schiaffini also run direct buses to Termini station for €5 one-way, taking 40 minutes, but with far fewer departures than Terravision (see below). These buses are not mentioned on the airport website yet, but you can find them on Schiaffini’s own site.
  • Terravision run a direct bus service to Termini. The price is €8 one-way or €13.50 return, taking 40 minutes (about 20 services a day). Despite timing buses to connect with flights, they ask passengers on the return trip from Termini to board the bus 2.5 hours before their flight’s departure time. Terravision also offers buses from Fiumicino airport to Termini, and a transfer bus between the two airports.
  • The price quote on a taxi ride to Termini may be as high as €80 though a fair price should be around €35-40. Always negotiate the total price including luggage supplements (tutto incluso) before boarding the taxi!
  • Rental cars are available in the airport terminal from all the usual companies