Budapest Airport…

Budapest Airport (Ferihegy International) is the only airport serving the capital city of  Budapest and the largest among the country's five international airports.

Budapest Airport (Ferihegy International)  offers a wide range of international connections primarily within Europe, but also to Asia, the Middle East and North America. In 2005, Budapest Ferihegy International Airport  served just over 8 million passengers.

Budapest Airport  is located 10 miles southeast of the centre of Budapest, accessible by the major transport artery of Ulloi ut. At the end of 2005 expressway M0 that connects all major roads and expressways around the city will reach the airport providing faster link to other towns.

Budapest Ferihegy International Airport  is large enough to accept the Boeing 747 and Antonov An-124. Most of the traffic comprises Boeing- derived twinjets, flying to and from European cities, and several overseas  Boeing 767s.

Planes landing from the north (this depends on the wind conditions) will fly low over the Kυbαnya district, the location of the largest cemetery in Europe. Weather seldom diverts aircraft. When this does happen, planes usually land at Bratislava or Vienna.

On December 8, 2005, a 75% stake in Ferihegy Airport was bought by BAA plc at 464.5 billion HUF (approx. 2.1 billion USD), including the right of operation for 75 years.

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